Alben & Lieder

Please, Shoot Your Husband

1947, Text/Musik: Georg Kreisler

I’ve been in love before,
but never like now.
She’s wonderful, she’s heavenly, she’s married.
I want to be with her
and kiss her somehow,
because she’s kissable, adorable, but it’s impossible.
So I tell her: Darling, we’re not having any fun.
There is just one thing to be done:

Please, shoot your husband!
Please, kill him dead!
Go and do your stuff! He has had enough.
Marry me instead!

Please, shoot your husband!
Please, get him out of the way!
Darling, don’t be shy, all of us must die.
Do it today!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, me and you
going abroad on his money?
Honeymoon in Paris, entre nous,
ducking the police, just us two!

Please, shoot your husband!
And when we’re free,
then if any guy should offer more then I,
you can shoot me.

Please, shoot your husband!
Please, life is short.
How can you say no, when I love you so?
Please, be a sport!

Please, shoot your husband!
Please, take his life!
Then, when you are done, let me have your gun,
and I’ll shoot my wife.