Alben & Lieder

You Bore Me

Text/Musik: Georg Kreisler

Women - they won't leave me alone,
women - they wear out my phone,
they limit my freedom, they wail and they moan,
I really dont't need'em but you reap as you have sown.

and my, have I sown ...

This new generation is so terribly factual
and love has become so completely contactual.
But there's one girl I know who is really divine,
she sits at home and waits for me, she's there and she's mine

and Darling, I would be your husband,
but you make unfortunately one little mistake:

You bore me, you bore me,
you also adore me,
that's why my heart runs to you,
whenever I've nothing to do.

You bore me, you bore me,
but you won't ignore me,
that's why I'm a sucker for you,
whenever my life turns to goo.

When I've had enough of this and I've had enough of that,
when I'm tired of my heart going pitter-pitter-pat,
and I know that I'm due for a stifled yawn or two,
there's one girl who I know will do, that's you.

because you bore me, you bore me,
but at least you don't try to reform me,
that's why I go gaga for you,
whenever I'm bluesome or feeling too gruesome.
I can't get a chill or a thrill
out of a girl like you.

You're not so hard to look at,
but you're hardly very brainy.
That is why - if you don't mind -
I'll save you for a day that's rainy.
You're not Bergman, Garbo, Garson,
but still as a last resort,
you do provide, I must admit,
a sort of indoor sport.

though you're hardly my conception of the things the doctor ordered,
you've got the type of mind that's double-jointed and disordered,
your rattle bags in movies and you chatter at recitals,
and you file your nails incessantly which irritates my vitals.

I don't mind your inconsequential way of being rude,
but when it says "dress optional" why do you show up nude?
I have no real objection to the way you slop your stew,
but when I say you bore me you say: "Well, my mother bore me too" ...

you bore me, you bore me,
but you sit there and adore me,
and I can't feel a sob or a throb,
when I'm alone with you.

Please draw the curtains,
when I'm alone with you.
Thank God for aspirins,
wjen I'm alone with you
I wake up screaming,
when I'm alone with you.