Alben & Lieder

I Hate You

1947, Text/Musik: Georg Kreisler

Darling it's time to say good-bye to you,
although it breaks my heart
You're a swell girl and I like you,
but the trouble with you is that you're too smart.
So I find your college education
a source of continual irritation.

You said that I should learn from you and and be resilient
but my dear, you're just too brilliant

Why do you say "whom" when I say "who"?
You got no glamour, what good's your grammar?
When I see a cute cartoon you've always seen it
and when I say I'll bring you home you think I mean it.

Sport's the same, you win every game.
When we play Rummy you're Gin before me.
So what if you know history I still think that you're nuts
I'm tired of your intelligence, I hate your guts.

I hate you, I hate you,
oh how I hate your guts, guts, guts
I hate you, I hate you,
oh how I hate your guts.

There are so few things you don't know.
You're a public notary and you know poetry,
law, geography and physics are your forte,
and all this intellect just heightens my inferiority.

Dizzy dame, go from whence you came,
and please deliver me from relativity.
I'm tired of all your theories, I'm tired of being bossed.
I'm tired of your intelligence, go away, get lost.

I hate you, I hate you,
Why don't you just get lost, lost, lost?
Oh won't you, why don't you
go far away and further still
where I don't see you, never will,
and quietly, ever so quietly
drop dead ?