Alben & Lieder

Good Old Ed

1947, Text/Musik: Georg Kreisler

As we go through life's difficult troubles,
always carry one for to long,
every trouble you have always doubles,
unless you have a friend,
who is true to the end
and will turn all your pain into song.

Though I' ve made a millon friendships still I only have one friend,
good old Ed,
though I' m lousy with dependence its on him that I depend,
good old Ed,
we would have a double date and my girl was always late,
so I took his girl while Ed agreed to wait,
and I liked his girl much better, so I married her instead,
good old Ed.

When we worked at the same banking house, I never will forget,
good old Ed,
and the dough I made was not enough for horses or roulette,
good old Ed,
our accounts were out of wag and the bank got on our track,
and they came to us and said: We want it back
and the one who stole it goes to jail, they grimly said,
good old Ed.

But the best thing about Ed was that he never lost his style,
good old Ed,
he came home one day and found me with his wife and gave a smile,
good old Ed,
with a rather bashful grin he said: Sorry I dropped in,
but I didn' t know that you were having sin,
and the whole night long he sat out in the living room and read,
good old Ed.

Good old Ed is not among us anymore it's sad to say,
good old Ed,
and it's quite characteristic how he finally passed away,
good old Ed,
we were hunting having fun and the day was nearly done,
when I started having trouble with my gun,
I don't think that gun is loaded, look inside the barrel I said,
good Old Ed, I hope you' re happy, good old Ed.