Alben & Lieder

Frikashta Sni

1947, Text/Musik: Georg Kreisler

This is an old folk song,
a product of the ancient civilization of Brooklyn,
it is still quite popular among the natives.

It is called Frikashta Sni

Frikashta Sni tells the story of the fight
between the old warrior "Frikashta"
and his son-in-law "Sni".
As they fight they do not recognize each other,
because they've both been away for the summer.

Frikashta Sni

Frikashta Sni föllapatni krepitz
shtollabarding nebbi majn kallot
shrtrammbi killaborsch, shtokish billaborsch
shtakalot fe what you've got, hey

Frikashta Sni föllapatni predik
uni kashty nebbi majn kadith
hotsch bi liminu, grotsch bi wiminu
a kaiser frazer safety razor beat ... read

Vigilanti sorios dolba kedd
dumbasso notorious and so to bed
A grish ban dish ban pitto pratto vodka
a rungaleiter gruppenweiter shut ... up

Frikashta Sni föllapatni krilitz
uni kashti nebbi majn carrot
crux be liminu, stux be shiminu
ahrr .. I can't give you anything but love ... tough

The second stanza tells of the reconciliation between father and son-in-law.
Now of course the old man got wounded,
he had to apply peniciline to his wound,
whereupon the young man very nicely gave him a fountain pen,
making a charming pen and peniciline set.

Here's the second stanza:

Frikashta Sni föllapatni krilitz
uni kashty nebbi sho carot
Shtanislavico, brec a clavico,
a technicolor dream being cream ... puff.

A dittle log a little dog ishtavari pokker
a Stradivari hari kari bunk stunk
Wendy blue a reina shore
to meet for you for evermore
a hakti lever loved I never sing a little louder

Heyalolla Pepshicolla
ushten wushten hammalee
organashti shkerta pashti
only God can make a tree

Shtrambaly baby
shouldn't biddy have it
done be avarny shninkom poop
hosnari benditsch bidilli bomm bomm
kashtalli tom tom trudi shoop

Toydi wisoyti pla pla pla
Heydi diddeldi ha ha ha
Hornamati ksetschta mal
tschatalartik one mi bal

una .... elasticum
abelini ... elasticum
una ... television simplicism

it's possible ....